Milltronics HBM 110XT Horizontal Mill

Milltronics Horizontal Mill

Milltronics Horizontal Mill

Designed for precision machining of big workpieces, this machine capacity includes a fully programmable 59x 49″(15000 x 1250 mm) rotary table with 11,000 lbs (5000 kg) table loadand XYZW travels of 78.7 x 66.9 x 55.1 x 21.6″ (2000 x 1700 x 1400 x 550mm).  The60-pocket, double arm automatic tool changer loads tooling into the 3000 RPM, 50 taper spindle.  The spindle quill diameter is 4.3″ (110mm) and the spindle is driven by a 30/25HP (22/18.5 kW) spindle motor with 2 speed geared head stock delivering 636 ft-lb (863 N.m) of spindle torque.

The contouring B-Axis has 360,000 positions with locking pins in the 90° quadrants to provide additional accuracy for indexing applications. A Heidenhain rotary encoder is mounted to the table shaft, enabling smooth, accurate B-Axis machining.  Utilizing spindle mounted sensors, the Spindle Vibration Monitor (SVM) can monitor and track excess spindle vibration that can result in poor part finish, reduce cutting capacity, or even cause spindle failure.  Automatic oil lubrication is provided to the way surfaces and ball screws to ease maintenance.  Each axis is driven by a 55 mm split nut,precision ground ballscrew.  Ballscrews for each axis are pre-tensioned and anchored at both ends allowing fast feedrates and high axis thrust loads.

The HBM110XT is designed with a flood coolant system and an oil skimmer.  The standard 700 PSI coolant through spindle feature eases deep hole drilling and deep pocket milling applications. Table mounted chip guard and auger with chip conveyor provide efficient chip evacuation.

With an overall weight of approximately 54,000 lbs. (24,500 kg.), machine construction features widely spaced solid box ways to insure optimal support and rigidity throughout the full travel of each axis. Additional linear roller guide ways mounted to the ends of the saddle increase table support for heavy table loads, increasing accuracy through the full machine travels.  Heavily ribbed castings provide superior rigidity and dampening for high speed machining and prevent casting deformation during aggressive milling.  The mating surface of the base and column is hand scraped to optimize fit and machine geometry, contributing to the rigidity and accuracy of these machines.

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