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We are a full-service machine shop that brings your ideas to life.

At Precision Machine and Metal Fabrication, we offer comprehensive support throughout the product development lifecycle. From design to manufacturing to tooling and research and development, we provide end-to-end solutions for our customers, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.


We prioritize high-quality production through a comprehensive approach.

We begin by sourcing premium materials to ensure a solid foundation. Precision is ingrained in our manufacturing process, leveraging advanced machinery and skilled craftsmanship. Rigorous quality control measures are implemented at every stage to guarantee excellence.

Our commitment to quality lies in customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and long-term success.


At PMMF, we understand that swift turnaround times are critical for certain projects.

Our rapid production cycles contribute to cost-effectiveness while maintaining a reputation for efficiency and dependability in the industry.

Precision Machine and Metal Fabrication

Why 5-Axis

Investing in 5-axis CNC machining produces greater productivity and improves numerous manufacturing metrics, delivering a measurable and significant ROI through these advantages:
1. Higher Precision and Accuracy
5-axis CNC machines operate with greater precision to deliver accurately machined and smoother parts that would be too complex for machining on traditional 3-axis CNC equipment.
2. Improved Production Speed (Lead Times)
The tangential arrangement of the cutting tools to the material removes more material with each rotation. When 5-axis tools are combined with the machine’s single setup, cycle times improve significantly.
3. Fewer Setups
With 5-axis machines, you can set up your workpieces at one time to handle all milling operations needed to fabricate complex geometries. You’ll produce parts faster, minimize operational costs, and reduce most errors prevalent in conventional 3-axis machines.
4. More Complex Part Geometries
The ability of 5-axis CNC machining to move workpieces over more dimensions without removing them gives it a significant advantage over conventional 3-axis machining. These machines attack the most complicated angles to create complex geometries with premium finishes with tighter tolerances.
5. Better Surface Finishes
The fourth and fifth axes (A-axis and B-axis) on 5-axis machines bring the work material closer to the cutting tool. Shorter cutting tools produce better surface finishes because the shortened length makes them less susceptible to machining vibration.
6. Improved Drilling Capabilities
5-axis machines change the game for drilling applications because of the additional axes that allow the machine to reach tighter and more complex angles, producing parts with finer finishes.
These make 5-axis machines the secret to producing highly precise components without seams or signs of welding. 5-axis machining capabilities have transformed manufacturing industries, such as automotive, healthcare, aerospace, and agriculture.