About Us

In 1991, Precision Machine and Metal Fabrication emerged as a visionary endeavor when Larry Michael recognized a need in our market. Precision Machine began as a small fabrication shop for light structural and small metal projects. Since then, we have grown to offer a wide range of services that contribute to the manufacturing of various products, including custom pieces, across different industries.  At Precision Machine and Metal Fabrication, you can count on us to bring your projects to life.


PMMF boasts cutting-edge machinery and technology. We are always looking to invest heavily in CNC machines, laser cutting equipment, automated welding systems and other state-of-the-art tools. These technologies ensure precision, efficiency and high-quality production that our customers expect of us.


PMMF serves a diverse clientele. We work with industries such as automotive, agriculture, manufacturing, furniture, remove manufacturing, producing complex prototypes or large scale production runs, aerospace and more. Our versatility highlights our ability to adapt and provide tailored solutions to meet various demands.


At PMMF, we have the expertise to turn our customers’ designs into reality. Whether it’s producing complex prototypes or large-scale production runs, we have the innovative foresight and proficiency in product development to provide our customers with a specific product.


At PMMF, quality control and assurance are paramount. We adhere to rigorous quality standards, ensuring that products meet or exceed industry requirements. This commitment to quality has helped build a reputation for reliability and excellence in our market.


At PMMF, our employees undergo training to operate advanced machinery and maintain strict quality standards. The commitment to excellence and craftsmanship is the backbone of our company.


PMMF plays a vital role in supporting local manufacturing. We provide crucial components, assemblies, and parts to nearby manufacturers, contributing to the growth of the region's industrial base.

Our Team

Gabe Boykin

General Manager

Jackie Holland

Shop Supervisor

Keith Garner

CNC Shop Manager